Pioneers Room 

We have a great spacious room for our Montessori Pioneers that the teachers arrange to deliver learning areas that encourage the children to concentrate and develop. The aim of the programme in this room is to encourage the children to Be, Become and Belong as guided by the national frame work of Early Childhood. Educators offer a constructive, co-operative and caring approach to the children encouraging them to have an involvement in the ways they learn, using Montessori principles. The room has activities available for all of the Montessori areas of learning - Practical Life, Language & Art, Sensorial, Mathematics, Culture & Science, Music. Children during the morning programme choose activities that they wish to experience one at a time, allowing learning at the child's pace. When finished with an activity they pack away and replace it on the shelf for the next child to use - this also provides them with life skills and teaches them responsibility and independence. "I can do it" "I can do it" and they can.....

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